Housewarming Toilet Paper Cake

Housewarming Toilet Paper Cake

Growing up, I've always dabbled in arts & crafts. Holidays were the best time in school, because I knew we would have to do a craft project! Whether it be a hand traced turkey or a Valentine's Day card carrier!

A friend had a housewarming party. I wanted to bring a thoughtful, practical gift and thought of this!

I made it into a toilet paper cake! I stacked it like a pyramid and then wrapped it with cellophane and topped it off with a curly ribbon :) Its a much more visually appealing than showing up with a Costco sized toilet paper!

Mashable featured me in their "20 Creative Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Could Actually Use". I'm #7 :)


Toilet Paper


Cardstock or any wrapping paper

Any type of ribbon or string 

Cardboard (as the toilet paper cake stand) 


1. Stack the toilet paper as the foundation in a circle. 8-10 rolls would be good - but it really depends on how big you want the cake to be!

2. Stack another round with a smaller radius, about 5-7 rolls

3. Stack the top round of about 3 rolls

4. Once you're happy with how the cake looks, measure card stock to wrap around the outer ring of each cake layer. If you need more paper, go ahead and tape them together. This just gives the cake a clean look! :) Do this with every cake layer

5. Cut out the cardboard appropriately to hold the entire cake. 

6. Cut out the cellophane and make sure that it wraps around the entire cake so that you can tie a bow at the ends. 

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